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The Worst High-End Foundation I've Ever used

There's nothing I hate more, when it comes to makeup, than buying foundation. This is for two reasons in particular. 1) I have Snow White skin. Although the skin on my face has a red-ish undertone, probably due to chronic hormonal acne over the years, the skin on the rest of my body is basically translucent. 2) I have combination skin. Although, it's a little more on the dry side the areas that are oily (my T zone and chin) are on the extreme end of the oily scale. Not to mention the fact that I'm almost 22 and still get spots like a 13 year old. So, combining being an actual snow queen with a complex skin type what foundation should I get?

Drugstore foundation? I've tried them all! Although I think that the L'OrĂ©al Paris Infallible 24H Foundation is just ok it still sinks into any fine lines, the colours slightly off and it doesn't stay put in oily areas but it is certainly the best of a bad bunch. See, foundation isn't like any other type of makeup. Chea…
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Our Travel Bucket List

Craig and I have been together a pretty long time. We've been friends since we were 16 and despite being on a break for a little while we've been together since we were 18. We're now both 21. That's pretty good going considering we live in an era were people meet on tinder, sleep together once and then never meet ever again. We've always wanted to go traveling. However, with Craig currently doing and apprenticeship and me still studying at university money is tight and time is limited so it's simply not possible for us to go on the adventures we want to right now. Therefore, we have never been on a holiday together outside of England. On the plus side this gives us plenty of time to think and plan all the holidays we want to go on in the future. So, I thought i'd share some of our travel ideas!
Amsterdam - I know what you're thinking when you hear the words Amsterdam. Sex and drugs. Honestly, that is not why we want to go there. In fact we're just b…

The Must Have Equipment For Studying Art At University

It's hard to believe i've just started my third and final year of university. I still walk to the wrong studio...regularly. If thats not an indication of how quickly time has flied I don't know what is! In many subjects you study at university the most you need is a note pad, a pen and a few books but studying any form of art can be very different as you often need a lot of different stuff during your time there to produce the best work you can. So, perhaps you're just looking for some new art pieces, you've only just gotten started at university or maybe you're in the process of deciding what course you want to study, filling in your online ucas forms and writing cringe worthy personal statements. Whatever it is hopefully this post is a good indication of what you may need. 
Sidenote: based on the type of work you want to make you may not need all of the stuff I have. Also, These are things i've gradually picked up over the course of my studies so don'…

Mini Haul: Kat Von D

For a long time the Kat Von D makeup line was only available in America so all we Brit's could do was longingly look over and feel sorry for ourselves. Well, that was until Kat decided to bless us with the hole makeup line right here in the UK (online and in Debenhams). So, I had to weigh in and purchase some goodies.
For anyone who doesn't know Kat Von D is a tattoo artist turned entrepreneur owning many businesses including her cosmetic line which has had great successes. The makeup line is, in my opinion, very unique compared to other makeup brands. From the packaging to the product they stand out against the competition due to their gothic styling and distinctive colour selection not commonly seen in other makeup lines. Think of this brand as the punky, rebellious kid amongst all the girly girls!
Some of the products i'm going to show are only travel sized products as I got them as part of sets so don't worry the full sized products aren't really that small! 

A Night At The Lake District

Last week my boyfriend, his parents and I decided to go to Bowness-on-Windermere, Lake District for the night. If you've never visited this part of the UK before then you're missing out. It's truly one of the most beautiful, picturesque, peaceful places i've ever visited. Therefore, I thought i'd share a few pictures from our trip.